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In an article written by the Ocean Conservation Trust, they share that while the coronavirus lockdown is easing pollution on oceans, we must be careful not to return to bad habits when the lockdown ends.

The benefits of the lockdown to the environment are clear. Satellite imagery from the European Space Agency has shown that global air pollution levels are reducing significantly. Venice’s famous canals have been transformed, with the water clearing up, resulting in sightings of animals and fish enjoying their less polluted environment. According to experts, the Earth’s ozone layer is also showing signs of recovering. All of these indications are – at least in the short term – benefits to the health of our oceans.

Ocean Conservation Trust works towards a vision of a world supporting a healthy ocean, which is necessary in securing our future on Earth. Half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean. For this, and other reasons, the ocean is a vital life support system, and yet human activities have had terrible effects on its health, including carbon emissions leading to climate change.

At the moment, the coronavirus pandemic is the global priority. However, the environmental crises will still be there once the pandemic is over. This could be the right time for us to realise the link between human activities and the health of our oceans and our planet. Instead of returning to old habits that are detrimental to our planet, there is potential for us to change our lifestyles and best practice at work, ultimately working towards better protecting our planet.