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Could the humble container house shipping’s fuel of the future? Germany’s Wenger Engineering is pursuing a novel green hydrogen project on land at Bremerhaven with the kit for the fuel packed in a teu and a feu.

The complete test field led by Wenger Engineering will consist of a pressurised alkaline electrolysis equipment from Green Hydrogen Systems, a PEM electrolyser, compression unit, storage system and fuel cells. The test fields’ purpose is to systematically compare the effectiveness of those two different technologies. The electrolysers will also be connected to a virtual electricity network to determine what stabilising effects the connection of multiple decentralised generation units has on the grid.

Another part of the project will test applications in the logistics and transport sector as well as the food industry. The test results from the test field and operational experience should pave the way for larger-scale hydrogen application in the future.

Wenger Engineering is working with a partner university on the topic of sustainable maritime mobility. It is also carrying out the testing of subsystems for use in ships, a spokesperson for the company told Splash.

The insights from this project will not only have a significant scaling effect on the hydrogen economy in Germany, but the results can potentially be valuable for all of Europe’s green energy transition,” said David Wenger, CEO of Wenger Engineering.