Let’s Go Plogging!

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Let’s Go Plogging!

18 May 2018

There’s a new fitness craze in town, and it’s good for the environment. Plogging originated in Sweden and is a combination of the words ‘plocka upp’ (picking up in Swedish) and jogging.

So, what does it entail? Exactly what it says it is! Jogging, and picking up any trash you find along your route. The only thing you have to do when getting ready for your jog is to make sure you take a bag with you, to put all the rubbish into.

Plogging began a couple of years ago, in 2016, in Sweden. Environmentalist and fitness enthusiast Erik Ahlstrom is credited to have coined the word and started the trend, which has now spread outside of Sweden. In the UK, the Telegraph has called plogging ‘the most 2018 fitness trend yet.’ In fact, there is a plogging group in Edinburgh, run by Anna Christopherson, who hails from Sweden. She says, "It’s not that everyone should be running about picking up other people’s litter. It should be put in the bin in the first place. But I believe all of us should make an effort to keep our surroundings clean."

Plogging has become a trend on social media, with many ploggers posting photos of their collection at the end of their session. Planning to do it as a group session may encourage more people to take part. Many people take their dogs with them when they go plogging, combining their own fitness with dog walking and rubbish collecting – excellent multitasking. Those who don’t want to go plogging can go plalking – the exact same concept, but walking instead of jogging.

A great way to burn calories while helping the environment at the same time!