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An early-stage technology startup company is developing a new process for the production of hydrogen from seawater or brine without the need for desalination. The Baltimore, Maryland-based company, sHYp B.V., is on track for a first commercial pilot before the end of 2021 of the technology that it believes could revolutionize the maritime, offshore wind, and oil and gas industries.

sHYp’s technology produces hydrogen from a process that uses a membrane-less electrolyzer that does not require desalination of the seawater or brine and does not produce toxic waste. The process, which can be 3D printed and is designed for modular generation at the point of use, means the company says that it can be located at ports, offshore to harness surplus electricity generated by wind, solar, and wave farms, and in the future, on board ships.

sHYp is getting a boost in its efforts to develop its electrolyzer from a new joint business development agreement from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Green Swan Partners, a venture firm focused on businesses that meet a critical industry need while making a positive impact on the environment.

This technology is a game-changer. It is a vast improvement over existing electrolysis technology as it requires no desalination and results in no toxic waste,” said Lala Faiz, Green Swan partner and sustainability expert. “Green and Blue hydrogen technologies are a necessary and critical tool in our portfolio as we tackle climate change, and we’re extremely pleased to be working with sHYp.