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The 5th June marks World Environment Day, a celebration designated by the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and improving the environment in which we live. Since its inception in 1974, it has grown and become a platform across the world for people and companies to express thoughts, share ideas and take action to preserve and improve the environment.

Every year, World Environment Day focuses on a theme, to bring awareness to that specific issue, in the context of wider environmental issues. Last year, the event was hosted in India, and the theme was Beat Plastic Pollution, a call to action to consider how to make changes in our everyday lives that will reduce plastic pollution, which has serious environmental consequences.

This year, World Environment Day will be hosted by China and the theme is Air Pollution, in an effort to improve the quality of air that we all breathe. Around 7 million people across the globe die prematurely every year due to air pollution, with 4 million of these occurring in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to this, 92% of people worldwide do not breathe clean air. This marks a severe problem. World Environment Day will encourage governments, industry, communities and individuals to consider green technologies and renewable energy options that will help to reduce air pollution and improve the quality of air worldwide.