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Trade associations representing European shipbuilding and maritime equipment and European shipowners, SEA Europe and ECSA, have set up a call for action aimed at the European Commission and EU Member States to act against unfair trade practices and in favour of a global level playing field across Europe.

According to ECSA, “Market-oriented conditions, rules-based trade, and open markets are essential to allow European shipping, shipbuilding and marine equipment companies to operate internationally.” 

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, who recently spoke against unfair trade practices in the Far East, said that the European Commission “will do what is necessary to shield European shipowners, European shipyards and European maritime equipment manufacturers from the negative impact from competitive distortions resulting from massive subsidies from China and South Korea.”

SEA Europe Secretary General Christophe Tytgat said, “The latest support measures from South Korea are clearly an example of unfair competitive distortions.” He adds that “Europe now needs to be vigilant that the same unfair trade practices with the same potential devastating effects are not repeated in other shipbuilding and shipping segments.”