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There is a notion that new technologies will save us from climate change – however, research published by Lancaster University in Nature Climate Change says that this is counterproductive, and suggests putting a stop to a ‘longstanding cycle of technological promises’ and changing targets for climate change. The researchers suggest turning our focus to cultural, social and political transformation to combat the crisis.

Technologies that have been proposed as potentially helpful in easing climate change include nuclear fusion power, giant carbon sucking machines, ice restoration using wind-powered pumps and spraying particulates in the stratosphere. The researchers at Lancaster University say that the targets, models and technologies that have been put forward are enabling delay.

Researchers Duncan McLaren and Nils Markusson from Lancaster Environment Centre said: ‘For forty years, climate action has been delayed by technological promises. Contemporary promises are equally dangerous…Putting our hopes in yet more new technologies is unwise. Instead, cultural, social and political transformation is essential to enable widespread deployment of both behavioural and technological responses to climate change.’