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The push for a global coherent strategy to tackle ocean plastic pollution is gaining momentum amidst failure by some of the world’s biggest polluters to endorse a United Nations-led process to enact a treaty.

Following shortly after World Ocean Day, environmentalists, conservationists and some countries have renewed calls for a global treaty on plastic pollution. Their hope is that a treaty could help contain the growing menace of plastic waste, which is clogging oceans and having adverse impacts on the environment, marine life, human health and economic activity.

We recognize the urgent need for collective global action to halt and reverse the rapid increase in plastic pollution and create a circular economy for plastics,” said a group of 16 leading organizations representing businesses, NGOs and civil society.

The push for a landmark global agreement is however facing obstacles, owing to failure by some countries - like China, the United States, Canada and South Africa, among others - to endorse the treaty.

The plastic pollution of oceans also costs the global economy billions of dollars annually and pose health risks to millions of people.